It’s quarter to ten in the evening as I write this. Saturday night and I’m home by myself. What a glorious day…nothing to do, nowhere to be. I spent this rainy day with my guitar and in my cozy bed vegging out with the TV. That is a rarity. I never watch TV. But it’s been nice. I know how much I have to get done in the next three weeks, but I needed one day for pure, unadulterated nothingness.

I also took a moment to read. Today I spent a little time In Mark chapter 4 where Jesus tells the parable of the soils. If you’ve hung around church long enough, I’m sure you’ve heard the passage. However, in light of all that’s changing in my life right now, I really couldn’t pass over it without some meditation…especially the portion about the seed that fell among thorns. The seed couldn’t grow because the worries of the world and the distraction of fame, wealth, and relationships entangled and choked its delicate structure. As I read that, a holy fear hit me: God, help me to keep my heart pure.
This last trip, as I may have written in the last blog, brought both smiles and tears. I was encouraged by some who are doing what they love to do, humbled by their success. Unfortunately, I was also heartbroken to see and/or read about others who have let the distraction of success fog their vision…where it’s more about the notoriety and less about the joy.
How do you hold on to truth in such an environment? Can our hearts even be good soil in this industry? I’ve tried to tell people I trust to let me know the moment I begin to lose my head in all of this…because in the end, what is it worth? A man can gain the whole world, but lose his soul…and where does that get him? You know, I love music. I love writing and performing, but one day I’m going to be old and wrinkled, facing my final hour, and I’ll have to ask myself what I gave back. Will I be able to look around me and see generations I’ve poured into, or will I only have a mirror reflecting my tired, worn out face? Will I have stood strong in the truth, or did I let the world dictate my actions?
It’s chasing the wind…
We only have one life, and if I spend it seeking success by the worlds standards for 85 years, I will have nothing to enjoy for eternity. Lord, let me never forget…make me aware of the thorns.

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