60 Years

March 14, 1950
Today will be the last of the “firsts” since Opa’s passing. Sixty years ago my Oma and Opa promised to love and care for each other until death separated them. Sixty years ago, those words meant a lot more than people these days seem to understand. I guess when you lived through a world war taking place right outside your door, when you survived prison camps and starvation, you know more about the value of love and life.
Oma tells me their 59 years weren’t always easy. They disagreed and got angry, but she would never have loved anyone else. They became best friends and I’m so thankful for their example.
To me, this day is much more romantic than any valentine’s day on the books. I gives me hope that my marriage (whenever it occurs) will be able to withstand trial…that our love and friendship will get us through the best and the worst.
I plan to mean what I say the day I stand at the altar: through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as Opa and Oma did. They made a commitment to their relationship and they remained faithful to it for almost 60 years. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t make the mistake believing divorce is the norm. It happens, but I’d like to be part of a remnant that is committed, who understands the value of covenant and the importance of holding to it. Marriage is for life.
Thank you Opa and Oma for showing me how wonderful it truly can be…even during the darkest days.


One thought on “60 Years

  1. Bridget of course you have out did yourself you write so beautiful…..I am so proud of you……Love yah Gram


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