Unusual MO

Talk about walking through the unexpected…
I love how we can prepare and plan and start to work everything out for the steps we take in life…and yet, somehow, there’s always a turn and twist involved. I get why my friends don’t like to plan because you can’t ever plan for the unexpected…I mean you can, but you can’t.
I told my roomie the other day that I feel like I recently got a brain transplant or something because I’m not operating like I used to. My mom tells me it’s maturity (that would be nice). I have peace and joy though things got changed around a little. There’s no freaking out right now and it’s rather refreshing.
This life won’t go like I plan it to. If I’ve learned anything about God it’s that He is faithful even when we can’t see how He’s going to come through. He is love and He is mercy…you can’t talk to Him without experiencing those things (thanks PC). Faith…its seeing what you can’t see, and having what you don’t have. Because God is BIG. He can see the plan far better than I can, so I have to trust Him.
I know You stay true when my world is false…
I always see You when my sight is lost…

A little MuteMath for ya (from “Chaos”).

What could throw me off actually excites me now because that means God has something better in store. His ways are not mine and that is a GOOD thing!

PS – I’m still moving to Charleston, I’m still going to pursue music because that’s what God has told me to do. None of that has changed…it’s just some specifics that will get figured out in time.


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