It’s Here Again…

Valentines Day.
But here’s the deal: I’m actually happy for it. I love where I’m at right now. A lot of selfishness was involved in my reasoning, but I came to the realization that I couldn’t do what I’m doing if I was in a serious relationship or married. Picking up and moving across the country? Yeah, wouldn’t really happen. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll meet someone who’s in a similar situation, so he won’t feel so bad that I’m gone all the time because he would be too.
Anyway, Cupid, you and your little antics aren’t getting me down this year. I’m confident that God knows the beginning from the end. Like with everything else, it’s all in His perfect timing. I’m loving life, I love my friends, I love this faith walk…and wow! I’m being completely honest!
For all you couples out there, don’t just use this day to say I love you. Show it and say it every day. It’s honoring each other, blessing each other, giving up your selfishness. Enjoy your dinners and chocolates, flowers and diamonds. I think I’ll just hang with my girls and watch a stupid cheese-ball movie…
…which is incredibly okay with me.


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