Wet Socks

Stepping in something wet on the floor, even if it’s only wanter, is one of the most disgusting feelings in my book. If you’re wearing socks when it happens, it’s even worse. I have no clue why this is…because I love being in water. I love walking on the beach and getting my feet wet, but not in a house where there shouldn’t be puddles on the floor.
It’s out of place.
Maybe there’s something to this. I’ve been spending some time in Romans 8, pondering aspects of our sinful nature. We have the best intentions to live life as a good person – well, let’s say the majority of us do. We do what we think is right, follow what mom and dad told us were good and bad. But sometimes we find ourselves stepping in water with our socks on.
The silly thing is that often times we just walk around in our wet socks, even put on nice shoes over our wet socks to cover up the fact that we’re wearing wet socks. We, the wearers, know they are wet, but unless we start walking like a duck, no one else will.
Sooner or later, we can’t hide the fact that we stepped in a puddle and didn’t take the time to change our socks…because they start to stink. Now there’s a bigger problem because not only are your gross, wet socks affecting you, they are bothering whoever you meet. Awesome.
I guess I think of it this way: yeah, it’s totally disgusting when you step in a puddle with your socks on. Shoot. It happened. But just go change your dang socks! We are not perfect – I need to remind myself that it’s okay to fail…but when I do, it’s not good hiding it.
I guess the best thing would be to see the puddle, the girl batting her eyes at you, the third drink that calls your name, and clean it up before you step in it…so you don’t have the chance to feel gross later on…
Interesting what we can learn from annoyances 😉


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