Dream Big

Expectations: we all have them. I used to write a lot about disappointment because of my high expectations. I like to dream big – to believe for the impossible. Having those kinds of dreams used to kick me in the shins when I thought they would never become reality. Of course, big dreams still carry the potential to deflated, but I would like to see the possibility of actualization increase.
It’s still a constant battle with my mind: to know the truth that God is always faithful, even when His form of faithfulness doesn’t align with my plan or timetable. I’ve threatened myself to stop dreaming for that fear of disappointment, but the truth of the matter is God can’t disappoint.
Honestly, I think people with great expectations scare others. We don’t live a normal life; the mundane doesn’t really ever satisfy us. We want to change the world and, deep down, unless we’ve allowed past circumstances to scream lies at us, we believe we actually will do it.
I’m finally coming to the point where I can see the good in this part of my personality. We dreamers fall down a lot. We have skinned knees and bruised backsides, but somehow we just keep getting up because we know that impossible is not a word in our dictionary. Don’t get me wrong, there is a point to knowing when to call it quits. Having big dreams and great expectations involves holding them with open hands…disappointment comes when we cling to what we want and aren’t open for God’s big plan.
If you’ve never met me, or are just getting to know me, don’t be surprised if I start telling you the crazy things I dream about doing. And I ask you, please don’t discourage me in pursuing them (unless you see BIG red flags or something). One of the coolest hings I had happen when taking this leap of faith was the encouragement I received from my very practical roommate. To her, quitting my career-beginning job to pursue a musical dream was a little crazy…but she chose to believe that I heard from the Lord and that He would provide to make a way: to make the impossible possible.
Faith is the coolest thing. It will blow your mind when you start living by it every day. I can’t just turn it off now. Maybe you’ve had great dreams that you left because someone told you you can’t. Maybe you’re weary from running. I’d like to encourage you that God is still alive and well. Don’t let the discouragement and disapproval of men keep you from God’s big dream for your life. You don’t always see the dreams come to fruition (Abraham), but what if we do? Sometime you have to contend for the big things…sometimes dreams don’t come easy. I’d rather keep running and not see them come to pass then give up with a chance that they could have.
…because maybe my dreams aren’t just about me…or you. Personally, I know mine are not. They are dreams for my children and my grandchildren. My dreams are for my friends and family, people I know and don’t know. They are for broken women down on Sprague and school children in Kenya. Don’t stop dreaming! Don’t let the word impossible dictate your vision.
I’m a real person and maybe I sound crazy at times…maybe it seems like I’m trying to make things happen with the people I know and would like to know. But that’s a very false perception. I don’t care what happens (in a sense), so long as I’m in God’s will…as long as I’ve put my best foot forward and positioned myself for Him to use me. Whether considered large or small, I know I will see God do great things…
…and I’ll keep believing whether or not I actually do.

For more encouragement, listen to last week’s message: Voice of Breakthrough


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