What If We Never…

While pulling shots and steaming milk yesterday, I began pondering the necessity of music in life. I realized that music is everywhere I go. Yes, it might just be the background soundtrack of life, but it’s there.
Over the past couple of weeks, God asked me to stop listening to music so I could focus more on what He was doing with my own – but also so I could hear His voice more clearly (and regarding the tweets about music I’m listening to during the day…it’s “policy” to have music on at work). Anyway, I began to think what if God never created music?
I’m sure when I decided to take the step of faith to pursue music as my life passion it sounded crazy. The world is filled with hundreds of thousands of musicians; record stores are filled with thousands of albums…and then there’s the underground movement which is probably just as big, if not bigger than what we access main-stream.
…and it’s all special to someone. Each song, each record, each show can move a person to tears, stir anger, bring peace or cause us to dance. Who would we be, even as humanity, without it?
My coffee shop would be silent. Even offices would be dull without a station playing something to keep workers awake. Clothing stores would simply be a buzz of voices, screeching hangers and dinging cash registers. We wouldn’t have clubs for dancing, nor would we have venues for concerts. There would be no such thing as the opera or symphony…where would we be without music?
In Donal Miller’s book Through Painted Deserts, this line stuck with me: “…music, if it is an accident, may be one of the greatest miracles of them all, as beautiful as romance, or color or the power of water.”
Without music, we would probably be emotionless people…with no radios, no iPods. Shoot! I speculate technology would not be where it is today, either. Music touches everything we do.
We sing on our birthdays. We have a song when we meet the person we could love forever, we choose songs for our weddings, even play them at our funerals. Music defines each one of us like a part of our personality that cannot be seen, but is loudly heard. We create memories with songs, song writers get paid big bucks to create little tunes that stick in our heads so we’ll buy the products they boast.
Even if you aren’t a musician, per say, it is still part of you. Just turn off all the music and see what happens to your world. However, I must admit that it isn’t everything…but I know my world would be a very dark and dingy one without it.

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