Up Late…

If I laid my head on the pillow, I would probably fall fast asleep. However, I’m definitely plagued with an active mind that tends to try and figure out everything about my life in the hours preceding sleep. So here I sit…my friend has found her way to dream land, but I am blogging. Yes, utilizing this extroverted outlet for the introspective introvert.
I’m wondering what the next couple of months will hold. The transition begins into a new season of life. It is a season I’ve known would be coming, and yet it’s very difficult to face the reality that it’s here. I wonder about the people I will meet, the faces that will change my life, the stories that will inspire new songs. I imagine the good stories to come, and the hardship that seems inevitable…though even good stories appear out of such circumstances.
Not everyone knows…and some may not be happy when they hear, but it is my prayer that I will be supported through it all. Please believe me when I say I know God is taking me on this journey for a reason. Don’t try and understand it, because even I don’t. All I know, is that I have to try.
I was blessed to minister at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission last week and I can’t adequately express what I felt there. I’ve been to missions before, but something happened as these wounded, hardened men let down their walls for a brief moment to a total stranger…because of music. It is the medium which transcends our very understanding…bypassing the mind’s logic and the heart’s wickedness. I am amazed.
And if I can but share those kinds of moments with people all across the world, I will be blessed. Not for my own glorification, but for a hope that someone will see a brighter day beyond the darkness they’ve sunk into. Thank you God.
Here we go…



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