I’ve come to find that waiting was invented as the test for patience. I don’t know that I can really say the concept of patience and the practice of waiting are really the same thing at all. Understanding that God makes us wait for what is best makes sense, but it brings forth a lot of questions in my mind. Waiting as an act can be quite unproductive, unless you adapt it to the practice of patience. Right now, I’m have to repent because I’ve been passively waiting for God to figure everything out that’s supposed to happen next, rather than to put my best foot forward and prepare.
Honestly, I’m afraid to move forward because I don’t know what to do. The path ahead is foreign to me and each step is a step in the dark, only illuminated by a small lamp traveling before me. It’s my guess that many of you have been (or are) in a similar situation. The Faith Walk seems to be a hot topic for many people right now. I’ve been worried to prepare for the impossible. Does that make sense?
Let me try to explain: God has dropped a word in my spirit. He’s given me a glimpse into what the future holds. I don’t see this as a maybe; it is God’s plan. He’s been telling me to prepare for it, but I thought I needed to wait around for confirmation from five sources. But if I simply waited for His will to be done, what would happen? I’d get depressed when I didn’t see progress. If I’m an instrument to execute His will, why shouldn’t I actively be doing something about it?
My young adult pastor once told me that some decisions aren’t really about right and wrong. They’re just about making one and sticking with it. God can use any situation and any circumstance for His glory. I’m responsible for being obedient. And many times obedience is just doing something in faith.
Because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. If I sit around waiting, how is that responding in faith? If I believe something to be from or in the heart of God, if I know He’s purposed something specifically for my life, shouldn’t I be walking in that reality whether or not I see it? Do tell me your thoughts!
Waiting is the test for patience because patience requires faith. Waiting without faith is not patience; waiting without faith is, well, just waiting.

Man, I really needed to hear that. Thanks, God!

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