The Positives

I want to begin by apologizing for not sharing the good things the Lord is doing. Honestly, I haven’t shared the bad or the good for quite some time because the Lord asked me to start coming to Him with it. Blogging is a great outlet for emotion, but I found there to be little healing in it because I wasn’t taking it to the One who could truly heal me.
Now, however, I just am enraptured by the joy of the Lord. On my drive over to Seattle yesterday evening, God took me on an incredible journey. I’ve been challenged with a lot of issues concerning my identity, my purpose and the direction I feel I’m headed. Concerns of the world involving the practical clouded my thinking to the point where fear outweighed faith. Fear is not from God. I’m sorry, but when has God really been practical? That is my biggest thing right now. I feel like the Lord has called me to do something crazy by the world’s standards, but my heart is jumping for joy.
The leap of faith, is truly a leap sometimes.
I see doors opening left and right – God is showing me that He truly hears my prayers and I’m standing back, jaw to the floor, amazed that He’s making things happen. The only difference is that I’m placing my life in God’s hand and commanding doubt to leave…and realizing that God just loves me. He wants the best for me.
My friend Steve made an amazing observation the other night. As a father, he doesn’t want to plan his kids’ future for them. He just wants to sit back and take joy in watching them discover it. Sometimes, God puts things on our heart. He asks us to maybe do crazy things, but ultimately, we have freedom to make the decision. He has a plan for our life, but I think that His joy is watching us discover it. Our parents might see that we have potential, but a good parent won’t push their kid to do it. A good parent wants their child to discover their talents and joys.
I’m at that point. I’ve discovered something about myself that God has always known and now I want to walk in it. It may look weird to some of you, the future might not be what you expected, but I’m making a decision to follow my heart…a dream that God placed in me before the beginning of time. I’m deciding to become the girl free from the prison schedules and world-defined success and follow the incredible, adventurous road God set before me.
It’s time.
God is good. No matter what the future holds, it is my goal to find the good in today. I’ve been set free…from sin, from fear, from worry, from doubt. I know God loves me and even though the things of this world may pass away, I am convinced that nothing will separate me from the love of God. For what good is it if I gain the whole world, but lose my own soul? I set my eyes on Him, determined to dwell forever in His love.


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