Fish in a Tank

Yesterday afternoon, waiting in the circular waiting room at the Health District office, my eyes took note of an interestingly placed fish tank at the center of the room. I watched as assorted fish drifted slowly between the artificial seaweed and plastic rocks. The creatures were beautiful for what they were, but looked so sad…if a fish can realistically look that way.
The Lord began speaking to me about being in a fish tank. The little fish had everything they needed to survive. They had water, food, and shelter (of sorts). I also realized that these fish had to face no real danger. This was the kicker: they had little to fear, but were not living to their full potential. Yes, it was a nice little habitat some owner of the building created for our enjoyment, but these fish were dreary and seemingly apathetic. They probably don’t even know what they could experience.
Is this not how we are?
Sometimes I would prefer to be sheltered from danger…and I think that’s what followers of Jesus sometimes run into. We know we’re saved, but just want to stay where everything looks pretty. That place, however, is something man created – not God. God wants us to get in the environment we were created for. It’s only out there, where danger lurks around every corner, that adventures and real life can take place. We cannot be dreary and apathetic in the ocean called life. We must be on our guard, prepared, and looking for every opportunity to make the most of life.
In our fish tank, we can go about the day to day without thinking much of it. Life becomes routine. Sometimes we have to get hurt, though. Sometimes we have to face danger and combat fear. Sometimes we have to make the choice to not follow the crowd. I don’t want to be a fish in a tank. I may as well just die. I’m ready to live in the ocean, in the habitat I was created for, so that God can use me to the full extent He desires to.
Lord, give me this revelation today.


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