Life or Death

Being very late, I’ve debated whether or not to write. However, I cannot shake this thing plaguing my mind and figured the best way to process it all is in this form.
Today I was again asked by a customer of mine what the red band around my wrist stood for. I hesitated, always unsure if I can discuss such a matter at work. Pushing past my insecurity, I remembered the last time this question was posed, as God gently reminded me of what I’d promised Him. With a deep breath, I told her it was to show that I stood for the ending of abortion in America.
She took it very well and said that we should all be allowed to have our own opinion. The customer was a CPS employee and said it was difficult to see some of the cases come across her desk and not ask, would it not have been better if these children would’ve been spared from the heartache?
I silently nodded my head with understanding, but in the moment could not take the next step of standing up for truth. As she walked away, my heart sunk…I missed another opportunity. What I wanted to tell her is that every single child is here for a reason. First off, we need to understand the importance of commitment. After that, a true definition of family must be actualized. We need to stop having sex out of marriage…and the body of believers needs to step it up in caring for the unwed mother or the orphaned child so this stupid cycle of death does not continue! The answer is not abortion. We’ve lost leaders, doctors, good mothers and fathers because the Church hasn’t taken its rightful place. Let’s stop blaming the world. We’re all sinners…but thankfully we know the truth…but unfortunately, we’re not doing anything with it.
Free love is bondage. The freedom to choose leaves us with no choice. Mothers grieve, fathers lose sight of their purpose. Later this afternoon, I watched a young girl walk into CPS with some of her friends…acting all cool and very teen-age. An hour later, she barged back into the lobby crying. And my heart broke for this young girl who was probably never shown the love she deserves…who ended up making a right choice and suffering for it. But her child was not a mistake.
Where is the beginning and where is the end? Why do we condemn and not love? Without love, the cycle will continue…and don’t you think we already have enough blood on our hands?


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