I’m really quite pissed…at myself. You know, I thought I was a very mature person…I thought I had my head on straight and understood reality. It turns out that I’m no where near it. In fact, I live in my head too much of the time. Like a slap in the face, I came to a realization that I have adapted to this culture instead of separating myself from it.
In efforts to become “known,” I’ve given parts of my mind, my heart and my emotions to cyberspace. Even as I blog, I found I opened a door to a part of me that was simply that: just a part. I’ve been a fool to think that this world, so different from the one God created, could actually bring some sense of definition to my life. Instead, it only increases the confusion I already face day to day. Here relationships are ambiguous…and that is not what I want.
Instead of fighting the system, I’ve become part of it. I can’t get to know you and you can’t get to know me through words on a page, stupid smiley faces, and status updates. We have to go through battles together, laugh together and cry together to really become friends. In essence, these networking tools have only lessened the importance of real relationship and not created “a place for friends.”
I know that some of you will read this and might even dwell on it for a moment. Some of you will “comment” me, give me “kudos” or “like” what I’ve written. Who will take it and change their thinking? I need to…because I can’t survive if I don’t. I will be lost in a sea of faces…my friendships will be increasingly superficial…who would want that?
This generation is crying out for reality and truth, but we have stepped backwards. I want to get real letters, phone calls, go out for lunch. So many of us claim to be friends, but when it comes down to it, I really doubt the reality of this also. And believe me, I’m preaching to myself. If you really want to be my friend, show me. If not, whatever…I have to let that go and move on.
Let’s stop fooling ourselves into believing that this virtual world has anything to offer us other than the chance to find someone you went to high school with or listen to a new band (which are all great things). I can’t call you my friend if all you do is comment me, or even e-mail me…and you shouldn’t call me your friend if that is only what our relationship is based off of.

Uhg…I have SO much to learn…

Back to reality,


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