Until I Have Words…

God is still God.  While I shed plenty of tears to wash away all my mascara, I have to remember that He is not in a box.  Yes…we will probably see the moral decay of this nation continue at an accelerated pace, but that means it’s time for us to arise.

Followers of the One True God, I urge you to put on the armor and prepare yourselves for the battle that continues.  We might not be able to stand up for righteousness individually soon, but that means we must stand together.  There has probably not been a more crucial time for this (in our nation, at least) than right now.

I have a lot more to say, but until I can put it into words, take this to sleep tonight: God is God and I am not.  He knew this would happen and there’s a reason for it.  You prayed and fasted and it was NOT in vain.  I think this should wake up Believers in this nation, however, to know that you can’t sit back and expect things to happen out of nothing.  In a few years, you might also realize that you’d been deceived…but for this we must wait and see.

Pray that mothers will change their heart about abortion, even if it becomes fully legal.  Pray that marriage will be upheld in this nation, though a federal law might come against it.  Pray that we stand with Israel even though we are scoffed at.  Pray like you’ve never prayed before…for this is an hour when God knows what could happen.

Sleep well, my friends,

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