The Voice

For many people who know me, I’ve often talked about what it is to “hear” the voice of the Lord.  In some circumstances it’s easy to know what God is “saying” in any given situation.  However, I’m finding that I don’t trust myself in hearing His voice.  I’ve kind of sugar-coated it saying oh yes, I trust the Lord but I just don’t trust myself with trusting the Lord. That’s a pretty BS answer for the fact that I just don’t trust God with things in my life.  It’s easy (and maybe I’ve written about this before, but bear with me) to listen to the Lord for other people or things concerning life outside myself.  However, when it comes to the big M-E, I fail so often.

The world sends so many things past us, things that sound good, that look appetizing, or that feel right.  Unfortunately, what seems good may not necessarily of the Lord; what is appetizing might not be good for you; and just because it feels right never means that it is right.  I’ve heard so often that faith is about taking a step.  I think about Abraham a lot – man, that guy probably had the least to work with and yet he followed through.  He heard the voice of the Lord, but only in part.  God doesn’t usually give us the whole picture all at once.  Abraham got, “hey Abe, you’re going to have an heir.”  So he and Sarah thought that since she couldn’t have kids, that heir would come through Hagar.  Not really, but it was a good attempt.  Then again, the Lord said, “hey Abe, pick up all your stuff and your whole family and move…to a place I’ll tell you about later.”

And he did it.  I’m kind of in awe by that man and really wish he were here to tell me how to walk through these seasons.  Whether it’s trusting the Lord has called me to play music and then just doing it, or believing that God really has given me a husband, yet laying down that dream, I have to just take a step.  The voice of the Lord has never been a burning bush, lightening bolts and thunder kind of experience for me.  It’s easy to get His voice confused with my own.  However, I’m finding that when I “hear” something that goes against my schedule or my plan, it’s usually Him.  Strange as it may be.

So right now, girls and boys, I’m there.  I’m uncertain of a lot of things, but I know one to be very true: He is God and I am not.  If I have any assurance whatsoever, it is in this.

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