Welcome World

I began as a Myspace blogger…just a young girl with a lot on her mind.  I never really intended it for any purpose but to process what I was going through at any given moment.  It’s safe to say that I love to write.  Whether I’m actually any good at it or not is strictly up to you.  However, with readership growing on Myspace, I wanted to open my words up for more critique to hopefully reach a broad audience who would not otherwise cross paths with such a site (or for those Facebookers who loathe Myspacers).

This is simply an introduction to a person you may or may not know.  What I write may stir some controversy, but it is Truth on which I stand.  At 22 I know very little, but God has put in me a passion and desire to somehow impact this generation and that is what I’ve set out to do.  It is only through Him that I write, only by His grace that I am able to illustrate the sometimes crazy thoughts in my own mind.  I hope that as I share my heart and my stories with you, something will impact you.  I’m not saying that I’m going to change your life, but God’s ways are not my ways.

A bit more about me: I just graduated from college this past summer and am currently a musician, paying her bills as a barista.  If I could write, sing and play the rest of my life, I would be happy.  However, this is the real world and I have yet to make it to a point where music provides any type of income whatsoever.  I am passionate about this generation and often speak to it, against complacency and apathy.  I stand for LIFE and often find myself combatting a prevalent spirit of death that has hold over the nation.  I am a warrior and a lover of people – for we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  People are not my enemy, but the spirits that hold them in bondage are.  As you can tell, I am a follower of God – my Savior and Messiah.  Not that this matters, but the Lord has kept me single for my entire life, and here I remain, available for His use until (and of course while) Mr. Wonderful comes along.  It’s never been easy; in fact, much of what I write deals with struggles in this area alone, but I know that God has a purpose behind it – He does in everything.

So I think this is enough for now…enough to get you thinking if you really want to keep reading this girl’s blog – or enough to leave you wanting to read more.  The choice is up to you.


Blessings as always,

Bridget 🙂


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