I attended a concert this past weekend where the bands were raising money to give clean drinking water to refugees in Africa.  For $7, one could give 7 people clean water for a year.  It is really an amazing idea.  The Mocha Club ( urges people to give up 2 mochas per month to fund the mission – awesome.  They provided some interesting statistics in the midst of the message, one which stood out to me.  The spokesman said that every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation in Africa.  Most people stood back in awe, unable to process the extravagance of the stat.  I was taken aback as well, though reminded of something just as horrific that rarely gets talked about.  The Lord told us to take care of the hungry and give water to the thirsty, because as you have done to these, so you have done unto Me, He says.  You see, in another 3 seconds, a child is aborted somewhere in this world.  The total is fast approaching 50 million babies unable to even have the chance of life.  In 6 seconds, we have lost those who have lived and those who have never been given a chance to.  What is wrong with our world?

But no one will stand up at a “Christian” concert and tell you this.  It’s such a touchy subject that we’ve been told it’s better to keep our mouths shut on the issue than bring it into the light to be exposed for what it really is.  You see, it’s sad that we’ve already lost so many children to AIDS, to starvation, and numerous other horrific things, but why can’t we talk about this epidemic?  I’m so disheartened that people in the church have risen up against people who are pro-choice or have had an abortion.  You know what?  Remember, I stand on this scripture daily: we do not battle against flesh and blood.  There are millions of hurting women who need to be loved like they were intended to be.  We have millions of men who are hurting because they’ve been caught in the middle.  Our world is so topsy-turvy right now that no one acknowledges that it’s not just the life forgotten, but it’s the hurting men and women that remain.

I was almost part of the statistic.  Some 22 years ago, my mom found herself in a clinic because she didn’t know what to make of the situation she was in.  I’ve battled feeling unwanted, but I knew that I was spared for a reason.  Unfortunately all I can think of now are how many of my possible friends never had the same opportunity.  I think of how many mothers we should’ve helped through the tough decisions.  Every 3 seconds, we lose another opportunity; we lose another doctor, another writer, another world leader.  Every 3 seconds, another mother’s heart breaks, another father wishes for a different outcome.  Whether it’s in Africa due to AIDS and malnutrition, in China because of laws to prevent overpopulation, or here in America where the freedom to choose is supposed to make life better.  When does it end?  

“And I searched for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.” Ezekiel 22::30

He found no one…is it because we’d prefer to buy lattes or $100 worth of concert merchandise than give to an organization working to save lives?  Is it because we’re too busy in our own world to acknowledge that, daily, people who share such similar DNA with us are dying off?  Is it because we would prefer to remain ignorant and, therefore, not accountable?  Someone give me an answer because I know it is not only I who has been called to change the world.  How long will you remain silent and inactive?  You are in the top 1% of the world and can do so much, but you care so little.  You have attained this place for such a time as this…do something with it.

Until next time,



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